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The following is a collection of resources for physicians and medical professionals.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)

AACE Lipid Guidelines

The Endocrine Society

National Guideline Clearinghouse: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

American Diabetes Association: Position Statements

Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America Eastern Region

Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines – Individualizing your Patient’s A1C Target

Guidelines for Primary Care Physicians

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Breast Cancer

Reconstructive Options in Breast Cancer

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Calcitonin Gene Peptide Family

Mesenteric Arterial Relaxation to Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide is Increased During Pregnancy and by Sex Steroid Hormones.

Studies on the Effects of the N-Terminal Domain Antibodies of Calcitonin Receptor-Like Receptor and Receptor Activity-Modifying Protein 1 on Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide-Induced Vasorelaxation in Rat Uterine Artery.

Female Sex Steroid Hormones and Pregnancy Regulate Receptors for Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide in Rat Mesenteric Arteries, But Not in Aorta.

Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide in Pregnancy and Its Emerging Receptor Heterogeneity.

Calcitonin Gene and Parathyroid Hormone-Related Peptides in Preeclampsia: Effects of Magnesium Sulfate.

Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Tone: Role of CGRP Family of Peptides.

Calcitonin Gene- and Parathyroid Hormone-Related Peptides in Preeclampsia: Effects of Magnesium Sulfate 1 1 We Thank the Hospital General M. Gea Gonzalez, México D.F., for Blood Sample Donations related_peptides_in_preeclampsia_effects_of_magnesium_sulfate_1_1_We_thank_the_Hospital_

Involvement of calcitonin gene-related peptide in the modulation of human myometrial contractility during pregnancy.

Receptor for calcitonin gene-related peptide: localization in the dorsal and ventral spinal cord.

Calcitonin Gene-related Peptide (CGRP) is a Mediator of Vascular Adaptations During Hypertension in Pregnancy

Progesterone up-regulates vasodilator effects of calcitonin gene-related peptide in N(G)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester-induced hypertension.

Amylin, calcitonin gene-related peptide, calcitonin, and adrenomedullin: a peptide superfamily.

Calcitonin gene-related peptide is a depressor in NG-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester-induced hypertension during pregnancy.

Calcitonin and osteoporosis.

Calcitonin gene-related peptide and its receptors: molecular genetics, physiology, pathophysiology, and therapeutic potentials.

Validation, role in perioperative assessment, and clinical applications of an immunoradiometric assay for human calcitonin.

Evaluation of an immunoradiometric assay for human calcitonin and its clinical applications.

Comparative study of distribution and biochemical characterization of brain calcitonin gene-related peptide receptors in five different species.

Long- and short-term side effects and safety of calcitonin in man: a prospective study.

Isolation, purification and characterization of calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor.

Effects of neonatal capsaicin therapy on plasma contents and tissue levels of immunoreactive-CGRP.

Isolation, purification, and characterization of calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor.

Combined therapies with calcitonin and corticosteroids, or bisphosphonate, for treatment of hypercalcemia of malignancy

Calcitonin gene-related peptide: potent vasodilator and major product of calcitonin gene.

A sensitive and specific two-site enzyme-immunoassay for human calcitonin using monoclonal antibodies.

Calcitonin for Postmenopausal Bone Loss

Calcitonin for prevention of postmenopausal bone loss.

Heterogeneity of plasma calcitonin gene-related peptide: partial characterisation of immunoreactive forms.

Calcitonin for prevention of postmenopausal bone loss.

Heterogeneity of plasma calcitonin gene-related peptide: partial characterization of immunoreactive forms.

A sensitive and specific enzyme-immunometric assay for human calcitonin using monoclonal antibodies.

The presence of calcitonin gene-related peptide in human cerebrospinal fluid.

The development of a two-site enzyme immunometric assay (EIA) for calcitonin and its application in the measurement of the hormone in normal subjects, MTC-patients and post-menopausal women.

Both - and ß-calcitonin gene-related peptides are present in plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and spinal cord in man.

P17 Full characterisation of β-calcitonin gene-related peptide in man

Both alpha- and beta-calcitonin gene-related peptides are present in plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and spinal cord in man.

Sensitive and specific radioreceptor assay for calcitonin gene-related Peptide.

The effect of amylin and calcitonin gene-related peptide on insulin-stimulated glucose transport in the diaphragm.

Effects of in vivo stimulation on molecular forms of circulatory calcitonin and calcitonin gene-related peptide in man.

CGRP radioreceptor assay: a new diagnostic tool for medullary thyroid carcinoma.

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Calcium and Metabolism

Cancer-associated hypercalcemia and parathyroid hormone-related peptide: a new peptide with diverse roles.

Optimal frequency of administration of pamidronate in patients with hypercalcaemia of malignancy.

Amylin-immunoreactivity is co-stored in a serotonin cell subpopulation of the vertebrate stomach and duodenum.

Purification and biochemical characterization of neuropeptide Y2 receptor.

Mechanisms of the antihypertensive effects of dietary calcium and role of calcitonin gene related peptide in hypertension.

Oral pamidronate in refractory Paget's disease's_disease

Significance of plasma PTH-rp in patients with hypercalcemia of malignancy treated with bisphosphonate.

Dramatic response to plicamycin in a patient with severe Paget's disease refractory to calcitonin and pamidronate.'s_disease_refractory_to_

Antihypertensive effects of oral calcium supplementation may be mediated through the potent vasodilator CGRP.

Hypercalcaemia of malignancy: etiology, pathophysiology, and management.

Somatostatin analogue treatment for malignant hypercalcemia.

A new sensitive and fast peptide immunoassay based on enzyme amplification used in the determination of CGRP and the demonstration of its presence in the thyroid.

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Endocrine and Metabolic Challenges in Baby Boomers

Metabolic and Cardiac Consequences of HIV and HIV Treatment

Cardiometabolic Wellness Strategies for the New Decade Program-2011.pdf

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Surgical Options for End-Stage Heart Disease

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Chronic Disabilities

International Foundation for Chronic Disabilities (IFCD)

IFCD Informational Movie

CDC: Disability and Health Data System (DHDS) Materials

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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Environmental Pollution and Chronic Kidney Disease of "Multi-Factorial Origin" in Sri Lanka.

Impact of changing agricultural practices on human health: Chronic kidney disease of multi-factorial origin in Sri Lanka.

Olcott Memorial Oration 2013 — Water Pollution-Associated Ill Health: Special Emphasis on Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka

Olcott Memorial Oration 2013

Role of Fluoride and its Enhancement by Aluminium for the Chronic Kidney Disease
in the NCP, Sri Lanka

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Corporate Citizenship

Microsoft Corporate Citizenship: Helping Nonprofits Do More Good

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

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Targeting the Incretins System: Can it Improve Our Ability to Treat Type 2 Diabetes?

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Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: How These Affect Humans

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Global Health

RSM Global Health

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Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement controversy

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Primary Hyperhidrosis: Disease or Anxiety

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Nutrition and Obesity

Aim for a Healthy Weight
Patient and public education materials from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

The American Dietetic Association
An organization of food and nutrition professionals, ADA’s mission is to promote optimal nutrition and well-being for all people.

CDC's Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
Addresses the role of nutrition and physical activity in health promotion and the prevention and control of chronic diseases.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
Health and nutrition information.

Consumer Nutrition and Health Information
Nutrition and health information from the Food and Drug Administration.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Recommended dietary guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Food and Nutrition Information Center
FNIC, located at the National Agricultural Library, collects and disseminates information about food and human nutrition.>

Health Information: Weight Loss and Control
The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the NIH provide information on obesity, weight control, physical activity, and nutrition.

Healthfinder: Obesity
Links to a variety of sites on obesity.

Healthy People Atlanta
To promote health and well-being in the Atlanta's Metropolitan communities.

MEDLINEplus: Nutrition

MEDLINEplus: Obesity

MEDLINEplus: Weight Loss and Dieting

A guide to nutrition and health information on federal government Web sites.

Obesity Education Initiative
Information for health professionals and the public, from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Overweight and Obesity
Information on trends and health consequences of obesity, form the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Weight Loss and Nutrition Myths
Corrections to common myths about dieting and nutrition.

Public Health Nutrition List
Preventive and primary nutrition services and public health nutrition core functions (to subscribe):

American Medical Association: Obesity

President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute: Ways to Enhance Children's Activity and Nutrition

USDA Choose My Plate

The President's Challenge

Abbott Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals

The Nutrition Source: Harvard School of Public Health

Medical Nutrition Therapy Protocol: East Carolina University

Thermogenesis-Based Interventions for Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Visceral Adiposity and Cardiometabolic Risks: Epidemic of Abdominal Obesity in North America

Pathophysiology of Obesity: Focused, Cause-Driven Approach to Control the Epidemic

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Ophthalmological Manifestations of Some General Medical Conditions

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Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty for Unicompartmental Osteoarthritis of the Knee

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Awareness, Diagnosis and Management of Osteoporosis in Adults
with Developmental Disabilities


Health, Bones and Vitamin D in Developmentally Disabled Patients (30-slide version)


Health, Bones and Vitamin D in Developmentally Disabled Patients (66-slide version)


Optimizing Management of High Risk Osteoporosis

Bones and Nutrition: Common Sense Supplementation for Osteoporosis.

Model for Bone Strength and Osteoporotic Fractures.

The Mechanism of Bone Resorption by Cyclosporin: Involvement of the NO-cGMP Pathway.

A Novel Pharmacological Approach of Musculoskeletal Losses Associated with Simulated Microgravity.

A Model of Trabecular Bone and an Application to Osteoporosis

Simulated Weightlessness-Induced Attenuation of Testosterone Production May be Responsible for Bone Loss.

Reversal of Weightlessness-Induced Musculoskeletal Losses with Androgens: Quantification by MRI.

Frequency-Dependent Effect of Nitric Oxide Donor Nitroglycerin on Bone.

Bisphosphonate-Associated Osteomyelitis of the Jaw: Guidelines for Practicing Clinicians.

Can We Use the Nitric Oxide Donor, Nitroglycerine for Prevention of Postmenopausal Bone Loss?

Nitric Oxide and Bone

Nitric Oxide: Novel Therapy for Osteoporosis.

Insight into Bisphosphonate-Associated Osteomyelitis of the Jaw: Pathophysiology, Mechanisms and Clinical Management.

Nitric Oxide: New Evidence for Novel Therapeutic Indications.

Rationale for Using Nitric Oxide Donor Therapy for Prevention of Bone Loss and Treatment of Osteoporosis in Humans.

Transdermal Nitroglycerin Therapy May Not Prevent Early Postmenopausal Bone Loss.

Novel Targets and Therapeutics for Bone Loss.

Testing Two Predictions for Fracture Load Using Computer Models of Trabecular Bone.

The Efficacy of Acute Administration of Pamidronate on the Conservation of Bone Mass Following Severe Burn Injury in Children: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Study. /8262035_The_efficacy_of_acute_administration_of_pamidronate_on_the_conservation_of_bone_mass_

An Expression Relating Breaking Stress and Density of Trabecular Bone.

Breastfeeding and Postmenopausal Osteoporosis.

The Mechanism of Bone Resorption by Cyclosporin: Involvement of the NO-cGMP Pathway.

Nitroglycerin Therapy Is as Efficacious as Standard Estrogen Replacement Therapy (Premarin) in Prevention of Oophorectomy‐Induced Bone Loss: A Human Pilot Clinical Study.
in_Prevention_ of_OophorectomyInduced_Bone_Loss_A_Human_Pilot_Clinical_Study

A novel Pharmacological Approach of Musculoskeletal Losses Associated With Simulated Microgravity.

Frequency‐Dependent Effect of Nitric Oxide Donor Nitroglycerin on Bone

Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis: efficacy of combination of hormone replacement therapy with other antiresorptive agents.

Restoration of ovariectomy-induced osteopenia by nitroglycerin.

Reversal of weightlessness-induced musculoskeletal losses with androgens: quantification by MRI.

A four-year randomized controlled trial of hormone replacement and bisphosphonate, alone or in combination, in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Prevention of corticosteroid-induced bone loss with alendronate.

Combined therapy with estrogen and etidronate has an additive effect on bone mineral density in the hip and vertebrae: four-year randomized study.

Nitric oxide donor alleviates ovariectomy-induced bone loss.

Beneficial effects of estrogen replacement therapy in women over 70 years of age

Use of magnetic resonance imaging to quantitave microgravity-induced musculo-skeletal losses

Pamidronate is effective for Paget's disease of bone refractory to conventional therapy.'s_disease_of_bone_refractory_to_conventional_therapy

Therapeutic success in severe iatrogenic osteoporosis in a young woman.

Isolation, purification and characterization of beta-hCGRP from human spinal cord.

Simulated weightlessness-induced attenuation of testosterone production may be responsible for bone loss

Isolation, purification and characterization of β-hCGRP from human spinal cord

Amylin and amylin-amide lacks an acute effect on blood glucose and insulin.

Amylin amide: a bone conserving peptide from pancreas.

Amylin amide, which is structurally similar to calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), stimulates increased blood flow in vivo.

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Prostate Health

Translational Research in Prostate Cancer: UMDNJ Research

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D: All You Need to Know

Vitamin D Deficiency: How it Relates to Patients with Developmental Disabilities
and Ways to Correct it (AADMD Vitamin D Symposium)

Vitamin D: What Clinicians Need to Know

Vitamin D: An Essential Component for Skeletal Health.

Should Vitamin D Supplements be Recommended to Prevent Chronic Diseases?

Can Vitamin D Protect you Against Flu?

International Conference on Vitamin D & Health Outcomes

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