What We Do

The Wimalawansa Foundation provides education, social, and public health leadership for self-sufficiency, self-empowerment, and sustainability and collaborates with partners to achieve its mission.

The Wimalawansa Foundation and Hela Bodhu Padanama (HBP) are two registered charities that need support from you to carry out welfare, poverty alleviation, human empowerment, and public health projects in developing countries.

Who We Serve

The Wimalawansa Foundation is committed to the health and well-being of people in North America and in the emerging and agricultural economies worldwide, with a focus on health, human well-being, peace, spirituality and developmental issues.

What We Request

We are requesting your support (donations, material and expertise) to Wimalawansa Foundation, HBP and PHEPRO charities to carry out its welfare, human empowerment, and public health (preventive medicine) projects. These foundation participate in compassionate and charitable activities, mostly in developing countries.

Vision: Sustaining a Healthy
Global Society

The Wimalawansa Foundation is a registered philanthropic organization that promotes

  • Education of children
  • Education of lay public and health professionals
  • Empowerment of the poor and women
  • Provision of clean and safe drinking water, and safe sanitation
  • Disease prevention (non-communicable and communicable)
  • Promotion of peace, women' empowerment, and protection of the health of all people
  • Promote meditation and the Buddhist philosophy

The Foundation emphasizes cost-effective services and values.

Mission: Improve the health of the public and achieve equity in health status

The Wimalawansa Foundation collaborates with other foundations and organizations globally, with similar interests and works to improve the public’s health and achieve equity in health status for the needy. The Foundation promotes the scientific and professional groundwork of logical public health practices and policies, advocates for a healthy global society with an emphasis on disease prevention, and enhances the ability of members to promote and protect environmental and the community. The Foundation emphasizes non-religious meditation practices and nonviolent ways to achieve unity, harmony, and sustained peace.

Policy Priorities

The Foundation works with other groups with similar interests in poverty alleviation, education, and empowerment of the poor, to increase support for affordable accommodations and eliminate poverty.

  • Poverty alleviation
  • Empowerment of women
  • Education of needy children
  • Disaster response
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Alternative energy and energy efficiency

Guiding Principles

To honor and protect the culture and heritage; guide activities to develop independence and self-sufficiency of families and development of mindful families; and prosper the self-sustenance of needy communities, the Wimalawansa Foundation embraces the following guiding principles:


Focus efforts on the enduring areas of uplifting domestic standards and providing for the welfare of rural communities (click here to read about the water sanitation project currently underway to combat chronic kidney disease) and elsewhere. Our goals include:

  1. Uplifting poor communities throughout Sri Lanka and the world
  2. Improving the health and education of these poor communities
  3. Advancing the frontiers of bio-medical science
  4. Providing the necessary tools and training to achieve healthier living conditions and habits.
Our efforts are on community and village-based broader developments (not on individuals). We will respond to immediate (i.e., short-term) and the longer term societal needs based on the mission and vision of the Foundation.

Healthy and sustainable positive outcomes

We will embark on projects incorporating new ideas and discoveries that address the root causes of challenging problems, thus providing lasting solutions. The success of our projects will be defined by goal-oriented objectives that have a positive and lasting impact on individuals and communities and the society at large.


We will work with other foundations and groups with similar interests and convene leaders to develop and implement strategies and innovations that support sustainable communities, based on basic human needs.


We will seek and implement innovative strategies to enhance the outcomes and productivity of our projects. Thus, we will work with other partners strategically and collaboratively to initiate and support programs that break new ground.

(A) Core Values

We are committed to assist the needs, empowering and uplifting poor communities to become self-sufficient. We believe in the positive cycle of courage, hope, symbiosis, together with compassion and aspiration.

(E) Leadership

As a part of our mission and the vision of the Foundation, we will also assist members of communities to develop leadership skills that are necessary to uplift communities at large. We will foster entrepreneurial activities and capture the spirit of participants by inquisitiveness, due diligence, creativity, and the responsible stewardship of delivering our projects. Synergistic and spiritual activities and collaborations will be encouraged.