How We Work to Improve the Health and Quality of Life for the Poor

The Foundation seeks to improve the lives of the world’s poor communities through fundamental ways, each an integral part to relieve suffering and provide a higher quality of life. The following are projects that the Foundation is currently actively involved in:

Development of a Unique Educational Nature Centre

The Foundation is currently acquire land and seek funding to build a novel, self-sufficient educational center in Sri Lanka which will conduct research, data analysis, and develop and educate the public and health are workers on new and best water purification and agricultural practices. Center will also have many novel functions including a mobile operation theater, non-religious meditation center, agricultural and nutrition development center, arboretum, engineering facility for R&D, automated laboratory for testing soil and water quality.

The center is being designed by the University of Manitoba, Canada, department of Architecture and Architects without Boarders. This unique Center will function as a model for “sustainability” (solar powered, organic gardening and farming, locally generated safe potable water, total recycling of waste, etc.)

Center will provide a unique venue for local and foreign students and teachers to experience nature, peace, and learn various aspects of their academic work. The Center will also facilitate locally-relevant social, agricultural, and economic studies, together with sustainability research and obtaining university and college credits for participants through this experience and obtaining credit for their compassionate social service

It will also provide education for schoolchildren in the nation (year around), and access to learning and experiencing nature, natural harmony and clean environment. Through education, the Center will develop and propagate sustainable agricultural and related economic practices, as well as develop novel ways to protect the environment

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Foundation for Preventive Health and Environmental Protection (

The Foundation for Preventive Health, Environmental Protection, and Research Organization ( is an international coalition with the mission to eradicate chronic kidney disease of multi-factorial origin in Sri Lanka, in particular the North Central Province.

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Water, Sanitation and Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD)

A primary mission of the Foundation is the provision of clean and safe drinking water to 500,000 people in an affected area with deadly chronic kidney disease. Every year approximately 5,000 farmers die prematurely from kidney failure (~13 deaths per day), a leading cause of premature death in addition to consuming contaminated water.

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Chronic Disabilities

The International Foundation for Chronic Disabilities (IFCD) observes that those health conditions frequently occurring in adults with Chronic Brain Disorders (CBD), often go unrecognized and improperly treated. The reasons for this are complex and involve poorly designed social systems and inadequate training (and lack of access to training) of health professionals, primarily physicians, dentists, and nurses.

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Education Trust Fund for Needy Children

Scholarships: Only requires USD $100/year to sponsor
a child’s education.

The Wimalawansa Education Trust Fund (WETF) is a foundation whose purpose is to provide basic support facilities in primary and secondary education to financially needy students in Sri Lanka, who are bright but have little or no resources to continue their education. Thus, one of the key purposes is to encourage these children (and their parents) to facilitate their education and enable them to pursue their academic or technical studies.

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Child Development Centers

The Foundation is committed to improving the lives of children and assists with the donations of clothing, toys and materials for development centers and orphanages in Sri Lanka.

Below is an inside look at development centers in different villages in Sri Lanka.

Children Development Center in Maharagama

Children Development Home for Girls in Maharagama

Children Development Home for Boys in Batticalo

Donations to Children and Adults in Madirigiriya

Donations to Children and Adults in Sungavila

Completed Projects in Collaboration with Partners
and Sister Organizations

Coming soon: Summary of some of the projects (A) carried out by the foundation, and (B) when the founder was the (founding) president of other Non-Profit Organizations that he created.